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Telephone Scam

February 22, 2012

Marshall County - The Marshall County Sheriff's Office wants to alert citizens regarding telephone fraud incidents that have occurred in recent weeks in Marshall County. 

The scenario is usually something similar to the following:

The victims are generally elderly. The caller purports to be an adult grandchild of the potential victim, reporting that they were traveling in Canada, and became involved in an accident. The caller then tells the victim that they need money wired to them to secure a bond or to make some type of settlement on the accident before law enforcement authorities will release them.

The victim is directed to send a certain amount of cash via Western Union or some other wire service. Sometimes the victim receives a follow-up call and is contacted by a person claiming to be an attorney who is representing the "grandchild." There are often repeated calls and additional requests for money, or claims that the transaction did not go through. The callers can sound quite convincing, very officious and demanding. The caller may have done research and even used a correct name of the grandchild when attempting to perpetrate the fraud.

The Sheriff's Office wants citizens to understand that these types of calls are simply scams. The callers are preying on the sympathies of the victims or potential victims. Citizens receiving these types of calls should verify information with the appropriate relatives, and should contact local law enforcement to report the incident. The Sheriff's Office recommends screening of calls by having unknown callers or numbers go to a voice mail system if available.

This type of con game has been around for at least a couple of years and just recently re-surfaced locally. Anyone needing further information or having questions can contact the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.

About Marshall County Sheriff's Office
The Marshall County, Iowa Sheriff's Office is headed up by Sheriff Ted G. Kamatchus. Sheriff Kamatchus is committed to keeping communities and neighborhoods safe in Marshall County.

For additional information or a sample copy, contact:
Chief Deputy Burt D. Tecklenburg
Marshall County Sheriff's Office
Fax 641-754-6325

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