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Mid Iowa Drug Task Force Destroys over 1000 lbs. of Unused Medications

April 28, 2021 at 4:42 pm

With the continued utilization of local drug disposal drop boxes by the public, the MIDTF in partnership with the Marshalltown Police Department, Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, Tama County Sheriff’s Office, and the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office has collected and destroyed over 1000lbs. of unused or unwanted medications this week.

In 2014 the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force applied for and received a grant from the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) to acquire a prescription drug drop box to be used to help combat the local issues regarding the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs. The first box was placed in the lobby of the Marshalltown Police Department and due to the success of that box the MIDTF has helped secure five additional drug drop boxes in the counties of Tama, Grundy, and Hardin as well.

These drop boxes address a vital public health and safety issue by preventing the misuse of prescription drugs. Studies show that the majority of prescription drugs abusers obtain the medicines from home medicine cabinets of friends and family.

Every day that any unused or unwanted medications remain in the home it makes them a potential target for abuse, with potentially catastrophic outcomes, especially for our youth.

Citizens wishing to utilize the medication drop boxes are asked to place all medications in sealed non-breakable containers and are requested to not include any “sharps” (syringes or lancets) or any other item that could cause injury to staff servicing the drop box. The drop boxes will be accessible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is an anonymous service and contact with law enforcement personnel is not required. The drop box resembles a mailbox and is available for use by any resident.

Drug disposal drop boxes and be located at the following area law enforcement agencies:

Marshalltown Police Department - 909 S 2nd Ave, Marshalltown

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office – 2369 Jessup Ave, Marshalltown

Tama County Sheriff’s Office - 100 N Main St, Toledo

Grundy County Sheriff’s Office - 705 8th St, Grundy Center

Hardin County Sheriff’s Office - 1116 14th Ave, Eldora

Iowa Falls Police Department - 315 Stevens Street, Iowa Falls

Any questions regarding the drug drop boxes can be directed to the respective agencies or the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force at 641-754-6392.

SATUCI is also a supporter of this program and has a long history of working with local law enforcement agencies in offering intervention services to those suffering from substance abuse issues.  For anyone seeking help or advice regarding substance abuse issues, SATUCI can be contacted at 641-752-5421. For more information and resources on drug abuse visit

Additional information on prescription drug abuse/opioid abuse and properly disposing of unused medication can be found at:

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