Marhsall County Iowa Sheriff's Office


Sheriff's Office: Jail Complex

2369 Jessup Avenue
Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

Telephone: (641) 754-6380
Fax:  (641) 754-6325

The Marshall County Jail is a modern, "direct supervision" jail with a 182-bed capacity. The facility was constructed at the vacated site of the Marshall County Care Facility and opened in July of 2000.


HOURS: 1:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

  • Certain hours may be blacked out due to jail service.
  • All inmates in "General Population" who are not on any restrictions, may have NO MORE THAN 5 VISITS PER WEEK (Sunday - Saturday).
  • Each visitor must be pre-approved in order to visit.
  • Approved visitors must call and schedule a visit a day in advance.


Contact visitation will not be allowed.

All visitors shall first be authorized before a visit is allowed.

A photo ID may be required before a visit is allowed.

Staff will document time and duration of visit.

All visitors brought in to the visitation area shall be subject to a search, such as: handbags, sacks and parcels. Smoking is prohibited in the visiting area.

The Marshall County Sheriff's Office will not be responsible for visitor's personal property.

The Chief Jailer or his designee, may suspend all visits if, in his opinion, there is a danger or harm to the visitor and/or security of the facility is in jeopardy.

A visit may be denied if reasonable suspicion exists that the visit might endanger the security of the facility.

A visit may be denied or terminated for reasons of health of inmates, staff or visitors.

Children are NOT to be left unattended.


A visitor form will be given to the inmate for each person whom they wish to visit while in the Marshall County Jail. These forms are to be returned to the jail staff by the inmate.

The only persons allowed to visit are those for which a questionnaire form has been completed and which has been approved by the jail administration.

It may take three to five working days for approval.

Visits must be scheduled one day in advance.

If a visit must be cancelled, the visitor should advise the jail staff with as much notice as possible. Habitual cancellations interfere with the efficiencies of the facility and may be grounds for suspension of visitation privileges.


A minor visitor under the age of 16 must be your son, stepson, daughter, stepdaughter, brother, sister or grandchild. You must provide legal proof of the relationship. Their parent or legal guardian must accompany them.

Any visitor from the age of 16 to 18 must be approved by their parent or legal guardian before being allowed to visit.



  • Commissary orders are offered once per week.
  • Money may be brought to inmates and placed in our lobby kiosk machine for their commissary account.
  • Cash, Master Card and Visa are acceptable ways of depositing money to an inmate account in the kiosk machine�in the front lobby.


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